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Have powerpoint, will travel

March 7, 2013

It’s that time again. We’re in the States for home assignment! We took a few week of vacation over Christmas and then hit the road at the beginning of the year for several months of traveling and speaking at a bunch of different churches.

It can be tiring, but it’s mostly fun as we reconnect with people who were on teams that we worked with over the past few years, and as we meet new people who are excited about what God is doing in the countries we work in.

We pretty much use the same message, tweaked just a bit, for every church.  You may or may not know that Stephen is not into monotony. That’s why he occasionally “edits” our power point just to mess with me. Tuesday I was cruising along giving an overview of Panama when this picture popped up.


You might ask why. I don’t know. People probably thought we had a really lame comedy routine going because I just looked at Stephen and said, “Why do we have a picture of a gnome?” His answer was, “Because it’s at the Panama Canal.” Of course.  At least it wasn’t a donkey this time.

Our littlest family member has been doing an awesome job. He is a champion traveler and rarely complains unless it’s time to eat.

We did have an incident this week, though, when we had a clothing issue and I realized that the one thing we were missing was the one thing we needed – extra pants! So instead of being dressed like a normal kid, he got to wear a monkey blanket toga along with his t-shirt and jacket. We do our best to class up the joint.


This is him a little later when the poor soul decided he had enough fellowship for one night.

If you’re looking carefully, yes, he is clutching a water bottle.  No, he wasn’t drinking out of it. Yes, it’s one of his favorite toys right up there with a piece of parchment paper. Like I said: classy.

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